Social media and popularity

The social media has changed many things from the way we interact with friends to how we connect to the world. Our friends are mostly now ina digital prism and sadly this has become a reality.

Our lives have changed and social media seems to be just omnipresent. How do you know if someone blocked you on snapchat or on other social media sites? It is important to know this because it lowers your popularity.

Social media has indeed changed the way one was considered to be popular. This also makes sense though. There is plenty of money that you can make through social media and many of these methods are clearly laid down in the guides and the books available. It is thus a professional approach that is needed in order to make your social media presence. But what is not stated here is the way social media has changed the approach to popularity.

How was one seen popular before?

It was an intangible thing and also a quantity that could not be quantified. However, on social media, one is considered popular only by the number of followers or the number of likes and comments one has. This is how one is tallied and then ranked. This makes popularity very logical and cold and once popularity is judges only by the presence digitally and is calculated mathematically. The more engaging your tweet is the more popular you are on social media.

Popularity has thus become like some computer code now. There is no intangible factor involved in it at all. No charisma or peer approval or any such variable is required today to deem you as popular. Popularity on the social media sites is something like seduction and that is exactly why if you are popular on social media it does not translate to you being popular in real life too.

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