The Most Powerful Guitars in the World


Guitars have the power to make or break music. They are one of the most prominent musical instruments that have been accepted worldwide. Being the string instruments the kind of music created and made by the artist can actually build your album or break it.

There is little unbeatable quality of bass within these, and those are manufactured especially, called the Kiesel Guitars. They have various series in their list, but few of them have the unbeatable power to be unmatched by any other in the world.

We shall tell you why they are superior.

Kiesel guitars, bolt neck series have the unique and unbeatable quality of sound and music. They have a superior build quality, tone and excellent playability. They are available in 4 string, 5 string, and 6 string configurations, and loaded with features especially found in boutique made instruments.

This series of the guitar comes with a huge selection of options, which comes with the body and neck woods, fret wire, inlays, electronics and hardware and much more.

The only way you can appreciate them and know their performance is to use it in your work environment. It takes approximately a week or two for you to get adjusted, and be satisfied with its performance. The bolt neck bass of these instruments is often considered as more ‘Punchy’ than the neck through bass guitars. For bassists these are the ultimate instruments to be looked upon, to satisfy their quench for some unbeatable bass.

We have complete customisation available to suit your taste buds. For those aiming for more, we can create instruments as per your needs and it can be unique among all. We have skilled craftsmen who give wings to your dreams and make them happen right in front of you.

These instruments are not just great for their bass, but they are also equally stylish and sturdy, for that high-end version of everything.


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