What are the potential risks of sharing private information on the internet?

We have recently seen a steady rise in the rate of cybercrimes all over the world. People of all age groups and even teens and younger children are falling prey to cyberbullies. All these issue occur due to the sharing of too much personal information online.

Falling prey to cyber crime

Internet and social media allows people to meet a lot of new people. But there is also the benefit of anonymity. Some users simply create fake profiles that look very genuine. And this is a way they get to vulnerable people and try and pry more information from them. And when the person falls for the trap and shares a lot of personal information it puts his identity at risk. This has resulted in people losing their money, property and even their lives in many cases.

Not everything has to be updated

Updating what we do and where we are, on the social media profiles is a trend. But this is a way that people get to know about your whereabouts. Even when you choose to share your updates privately there might be cases where information might leak through your acquaintances. The first thing to avoid is to stop making friends with and chatting with strangers online. And the next step is to stop posting about your location information and too many personal photos on the social media. There are also apps that can help you secure your personal data on your personal devices. For example, this app will let you decide who gets your private information and you would be able to use it on your smartphone and secure your information with secure authentication process. It is a critical responsibility of the parents to periodically monitor their children’s activities and to educate them about the imminent risks of sharing personal information on social media.