Top Trail Cameras

Trail cameras come with a wide range of configurations. While some take pictures, others take videos and some do both at the same time. There are a number of flash options like incandescent, red glow infrared, white LED, low glow as well as no glow infrared. Trail cameras are also available in the standard option as well as the wireless option. Listed below are the Top Trail Cameras in the current market.

  1. Reconyx Hyperfire SC950

This is the best trail camera that you could lay your hands on. It takes pictures at blazing speeds, produces high-resolution pictures and lasts a month on a single set of batteries. This model takes the competition to a whole new level.

  1. Reconyx Hyperfire HC600

This trail camera combines the best possible features like enhanced subject detection capabilities, no glow infrared, convenient setup and high durability. It could be slightly expensive but is sure to last a lot more than all the cheaper ones combined together.

  1. Browning Strike Force HD Pro

This wildlife camera can be set up with absolute ease. It has been completely redesigned from its earlier version. There have been major improvements in the color, clarity, and depth of this latest version.

  1. Reconyx Hyperfire HC500

This trail camera originated in the United States and although it might cost a fortune, it will surely last for years. It is very fast, takes amazing pictures its battery lasts for 20 whole months. With extremely trigger speed and recovery time, it deserves a special mention.

  1. Stealth Camera DS4K

This camera has amazing battery life and its programming is also pretty simple. Its detection speed is good enough and it shoots brilliant videos as well.

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