If you are a mom and stepping out with a child does not always mean you look dull and disinterested in how you appear. Being a mom and dullness do not always have to go hand in hand. Here, let us discuss about some attractive designer handbags for moms.

We understand that stepping out with a baby means practically carrying a miniature version of their home along. You will need a long list of items to carry. These include diapers, many of them if your baby is still young, milk bottles, snacks, extra set of clothes, napkins, toys and many other such things that may come handy at any time during an outing.

Carrying all these things obviously requires a lot of space. But this does not mean you need to leave only with a polka dotted kiddie bag or with some cartoon or other. It is you and not the kid who carries the back after all. You can very well look amazing with an attractive bag and still carry all the essentials your baby needs.

A mommy can very well invest in a designer handbag that makes her look smart and trendy at the same time carrying all the essentials for your little one. Let us consider some main features of a good handbag for moms.

Quality: This is not negotiable, you do want to have a baby and a broken bag altogether. Make sure your bag is stitched well.

Pocket: A diaper bag probably needs a lot of different pockets and compartments to carry all the various items and organize them well. However the pockets need to be spacious enough with good quality zippers.

Straps: A designer handbag for moms should have straps that are long enough to hang on her shoulders. So makes carrying the baby easier. If the bag remains hanging on your forearm, you might find it difficult to carry the baby along.

Material: The material of the bag can vary, but must not be too rough or itchy in case it touches the baby. Also the inner material of the bag must be preferably water resistant, to prepare for a loose bottle cover.