Ideas Security Cameras For Daily Use

I always had thought that cameras were for security:

Okay, that is what they were meant for before the revolutionary smart home security systems were invented.  I remember having those huge cameras jutting out from our balconies facing the alleys and when we wanted to see the footage of a particular day or incident, we would have had to play the tape completely to detect the miscreants.

Smart home security systems have changed all of that:

You would not even believe what all a smart home security system is capable of. For the beginners, a smart security system is controlled by your smart phone or any smart device through an application itself. Can you even imagine how empowering that can become? It is like having the power of the security of your house in your palm. You can log on to the internet and over to your app and see live images of your home. This was so useful when I was having a caretaker to look after my ailing mother.

It was as if I was able to stay with her all day!

The application allowed me to check on her on an hourly basis and there was also that I could keep a check on whether she was receiving the best care from her care taker as well. The notifications at that time were fixed for her time for medicines and I used to check on it if she had taken them already. It was a boon for me back then and I must confess that I love my new Armcrest 960H security camera unconditionally and unabashedly.

It is also a good tool to keep a check on your babysitter:

My friend who bought her security system after a recommendation from me uses it to keep an eye on her toddler who is under a nanny at her home. She finds it reassuring to be able to watch live videos and images. It also helps her to plan her work day better and to rush home if she senses any emergency situations even before the babysitter calls her for any help. With a smart home security system like this, life seems set. When are you planning yours?!

How I Built My First Successful Website

When I decided to do an online selling business I was not aware of where to start. So, I took to the internet for a knowledge build up. The first and foremost requirement was to have a website to represent your business and have it published online. I learned and implemented the sequential procedures of building the website. Now I have successfully launched my business and here I would like to share all resources to help you create your website too.

Firstly, I had to do was to decide on the web site building platform. Since I had no experience of coding in HTML or CSS, and it was taking time to master it, I decided to choose the popular WordPress. I am sure you must have heard of this term off-late. It is a content management system or a website development platform, which is user-friendly and easy to use.

The second step was to choose a web hosting service company which provides server space for my website for a nominal cost. The factors I need to consider in choosing a good host provider are uptime (maximum time for which your website can be up without fail), bandwidth (speed of website hosting) and disk space (how much space to save my website). I researched for hostgator vs bluehost to compare both the providers because both are competent in speed and uptime provided.

The third step was to get a domain name for my website. And this was easily available with the web hosting companies. Web hosting costs are not as much as movie ticket!

Lastly, I installed the WordPress to the domain using the one-click installation provided by the web host. Then added WordPress to the website, highlighted it with themes and colors. After website creation, click on launch button and there you go live!